Thursday, February 24, 2011


Obama administration dirty tricks backfired when the Anonymous group outhacked the professional hackers

The Obama administration’s Justice Department advised the largest bank in America where to find a corporate hacker to fabricate information that could be used to blackmail American journalists.Stephen Colbert

by Larry Geller

That’s Colbert in a segment on tonight’s yet-to-be-broadcast-in-Hawaii Colbert Report. Gawker posted a video of the segment here, if you’d rather not wait to see it.

At the end of the sad saga, Anonymous vs. the security firm HBGary, HBGary’s emails were laid bare for all to see. In fact, the two bit torrents containing the emails are very “healthy” at this moment. The first set boasts 63 seeds as I write this, and the second 47 seeds. A “seed” is someone with a complete copy still connected and distributing it to others.

That means that you can have your own complete set of emails within about half an hour. The Colbert Report mention will probably increase the popularity of these torrents.(to find them, try this Google search). To get them, you’ll need a bit torrent client (Google for that if you need one).

The way it works is that the more people who download the emails, the faster it goes, because the magic of bit torrent is that when you have part of the data you supply it to others at the same time they send you the parts you don’t have. So if you ask for the emails tonight, at least 63 others will share with you. Actually, there are many more out there with incomplete copies also sharing with you. Before you know it, there could be tens of thousands of copies of that data distributed all over the world. So the Anonymous group succeeded in “publishing” the purloined emails more effectively than even Wikileaks has spread its data around.

And some of it is hot enough, for example the guy’s divorce is laid bare.

Bottom line, Colbert exposed to a large audience what appears to be dirty tricks on the part of the Obama administration, working in cahoots with one of his large Wall Street constituents supporters.

Read more on Anonymous cleaning HBGary’s clock here, in an ArsTechnica article.

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I thought President Obama was an expert in Constitutional Law. Wasn't there something about the press in the 1st Amendment. Has Obama not figured why it wasn't the second or third amendment. What do they teach those guys at Harvard?

How to get through the semesters, pass and graduate without really passing or even being there.
Actually Bush taught us that one. That you donʻt need an education or anything resembling it to become President.

Virtual Police and Avatar Snitches

"The Avatar Identity Program appears to coincide with another Air Force project to solicit "persona management software" to create virtual users on the Internet in order to conduct perception management campaigns to inundate chat rooms, letter to the editor, and on-line polls to sway public opinion on key issues."

This is really weird I am a Avatar identity Program. I'm human but I do the same thing as the Avatar program.

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