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Neither Sustainable Nor Environmental

By Henry Curtis

Hawaii Reporter has just published an article “Sustainabilty vs Environmentalism: Why It’s, Sadly, Not The Same Thing” by Keith Rollman.  

The article states “Henry Curtis from Life of the Land doesn’t doesn’t like palm oil and claims that it is responsible for deforestation and loss of natural habitats. So, he fights it, although he and everyone else support the concept of ending our dependency on fossil fuels. Which everyone agrees is much worse.”

Life of the Land believes that preventing planetary destruction is more important than making Hawai`i self-sufficient.

Indonesia and Malaysia account for 88% of palm oil production and 91% of international palm oil trading in the world. During a one year period Indonesia ranked #1 in the world in greenhouse gas emissions. They have now moved down to the #3 position.

The  Wall Street Journal conducted a major expose of the negative impacts of palm oil. The palm oil industry is destroying tropical rainforests, the lungs of the planet. They are displacing native peoples, killing endangered species, and causing massive fires.

Keith Rollman's article is being touted by Pacific Research Institute (PRI) Reporter Tom Tanton.  PRI’s website quotes Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher “This Institute has done so much to further the idea of a law-governed liberty.”

The mission of the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) is to champion freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility for all individuals by advancing free-market policy solutions. Since its founding in 1979, PRI has remained steadfast to the vision of a free and civil society where individuals can achieve their full potential. Put simply, public policy is too important to be left just to the experts. Individuals are the real decision makers when it comes to their schools, health care, and environment.

 PRI's Tom Tanton wrote Top Ten Energy Myths: "While renewables grow in the forecast period, they remain far behind less costly and better developed (both technologically and support infrastructure) traditional sources. This is even after 35 years of heavy government subsidies, state-level mandates and outright favoritism to spur increased renewable use. Additional government intervention is simply an inefficient way to transition more quickly into heavier use of renewables."

 Andrew Walden, wrote Mufi’s Republican Army: The Bush Family Connection  (Hawaii Free Press, August 07, 2010)

“He [Rollman] first made a name for himself as a political consultant working in Fasi’s mayoral campaigns; Hawaii Business credited Rollman for the “negative campaigning” in 1984 that helped Fasi make a comeback as a Republican convert and regain the city’s top job from Eileen Anderson, who had taken it from him four years earlier."

“In 1994, Rollman stuck with the Republicans and their candidate for governor Pat Saiki as media adviser when Fasi left the GOP and ran a third-party campaign against Saiki and Democrat Ben Cayetano."

“Rollman backed Republican Orson Swindle’s campaign to unseat Abercrombie from Congress. ...Rollman has said, ‘I have known and disliked Neil Abercrombie since before Mufi Hannemann was out of high school.’"

“This year, he was in the middle of a dispute over the Hannemann campaign’s allegedly high-handed behavior at the state Democratic convention, which caused party chairman Dante Carpenter to rebuke the mayor.

“Rollman, who was a delegate to the convention, posted a stinging retort to Carpenter on this blog: ‘There is little tolerance for any ‘Democrat’ not willing to tow the liberal mantra of the Neil Abercrombie zealots who have taken over the party. What used to be the ‘big tent’ is now a rather ingrown clique with some very radical views. I don’t think they represent the more patriotic AJA Democrats I know, the typical union workers or a majority of the more moderate and independent individuals who still consider themselves Democrats. To quote an old adage…we didn’t leave the party, the party left us.’

“More than a few Democrats found it cheeky for a guy who spent all those years working to elect Republicans to present himself as the voice of old-line Democrats.”

Henry Curtis

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The Pacific Research Institute mission statement makes me think conservative think tank. I have to laugh when they talk about alternative energy and heavy government subsidies. We are now spending hundreds of billions of dollars and American lives to subsidize the oil companies via our US Military. We have bases overseas protecting oil fields and pipelines, huge naval fleets protecting the oil tanker waterways, a CIA causing mischief in other countries not to mention the killing of women and children all for energy. If we just put a fraction of those billions to work and get off middle east oil America and the world would be a safer place. Tell that to the fellows over at the Pacific Research Institute and their come back will be how would that affect Exxon's profits.

BTW, Henry, what is your position on growing hemp as part of the solution to create electricity.

We import foreigh cars with hemp products. So we can use petroleum oil to move hemp, we can't use hemp to move oil tankers. Go figure.

Life of the Land and many other groups supported the growing of industrial hemp on O`ahu. Legislation authorized it. DEA required all kinds of security at a secret location and then shut it down. I guess they feared that hemp would cross-pollinate with marijuana and put them out of business. Apparently self-preservation is rule #1 at the DEA.

Not being a hemp type of guy I failed to fully understand your remark about cross-pollination. So I looked it up. It looks like cross-pollination between hemp and marijuana are a marijuana growers worse fear since it reduces the THC levels in the marijuana plant rendering it useless. I also saw one site that said 99% of all the so called marijuana collected by law enforcement on the mainland is the useless ditch hemp variety. Sure seems like we are wasting a valuable resource (DEA agents) by not growing another valuable resource (hemp).

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