Friday, February 11, 2011


Guess what–the revolution WAS televised–thanks to Google/Youtube/Al Jazeera English

by Larry Geller

Americans who were glued to the Al Jazeera English feed on YouTube did indeed see the revolution taking place on the ground in Egypt. The US and the world have seen, without a corporate cable-company filter, that a non-violent revolution can work. It has just worked.

Mubarak is out, but the commercial TV channels by and large have not yet noticed it, as I begin to type this.

Google deserves our thanks.

Perhaps another revolution is taking place—I found myself glued to that streaming video. Who needs CNN, Fox News, or Oceanic Time Warner Cable.

When YouTube starts streaming the Daily Show and similar programs, we will have a true alternative. And one that’s more versatile and more responsive to viewers.

On the cable, we have no control over what they let us see. The Internet is infinitely better not only in terms of choice but in its responsiveness.

How long will it be before we have a communications revolution in this country?

On the cable, CNN is now tuning in to Biden. He seems to have nothing to say. None of the broadcast channels have caught up with the revolution yet. Putting Biden on the screen is exceedingly lame, especially since he doesn’t seem to have anything at all to tell us. Lame. But that’s the best they can do.

Check out YouTube.

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This is why net neutrality is so important. Corporate America controls the news media and also want to control the net. Would a true Eisenhower conservative be comfortable with our news being controlled?

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