Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Eliminate the middleman—generate Obama slogans yourself and you won’t have to watch him speak to the teleprompters

by Larry Geller

He looks to the left, then he looks to the right. Then left, then right. Etc. They taught us at Toastmasters to make eye contact with members of our audience, but Obama makes eye contact with his two teleprompters. They say he’s a great speaker, but I beg to differ.

Now you can eliminate the middleman. Slate has posted an Obama Slogan Generator. It even has a handy picture of Obama.

Just refresh the page (or push F5) to get a new slogan, and save time by skipping the actual speech.

I got:

Together building a strong middle class

Race to a smarter society


Creating change

Each sounds very presidential.

Heck, I could use them in my own writing.  Good job, Slate.

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