Monday, February 07, 2011


Clean elections bill needs your support

I'm going to just copy an email circulated just now by Voter Owned Hawaii. You can make a difference in furthering clean elections in Hawaii by supporting them and supporting the passage of HB1575. It looks, though, that what’s needed now is to contact the chair of the Judiciary Committee and ask for a hearing.

It’s easy to submit testimony on bills. Take a moment and lend your support to this important cause.

Please take a minute and call on Hawaii's legislators to Stand Up For Fair Elections! and pass HB 1575

First of all, congrats. As many of you know, the Fair Elections pilot program was a big success.

Now, though, the Roberts-led U.S. Supreme Court is getting ready to make a ruling against the matching funds mechanism of Arizona's Clean Elections law.  Since our law is modeled after the Arizona's, we need to act now.

House Bill 1575 would preemptively change the mechanics of our matching funds mechanism in anticipation of an adverse decision from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Since our Fair Elections law has been a success in challenging the pay-to-play system of elections, we are sure to face opposition in our efforts to pass HB 1575; so we need your help!

Below is the path our bill needs to take to become law.  Please join us this session on our journey to success in calling on decision-makers to Stand Up For Fair Elections!

Also, for those of you who donated recently, thank you very much!  If you haven't donated recently, would you please consider donating to us?  If so, just click here.  Mahalo.

1. House Judiciary Committee (JUD)

2. House Finance Committee (FIN)

3. House Floor Vote (all House legislators)

4. Senate Judiciary and Labor (JDL)

5. Senate Ways and Means (WAM)

6. Senate Floor Vote (all Senators)

(Then Conference Committee if Senate makes any changes)

7. Governor's Desk


Thank you very much for helping!  Mahalo

Voter Owned Hawaii

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