Friday, February 04, 2011


Catching up with Noam Chomsky

by Larry Geller

Sorry to post this so late.

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 11 a.m. EST (6 a.m. HST) Democracy Now will broadcast a 2-hour special from Egypt. See details at  It won’t be broadcast in Hawaii but will be streamed from their website, and I’m sure it will be available afterwards as well.

This evening, while folding the laundry, I caught up with Amy’s February 2nd interview with Noam Chomsky on my MP3 player. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in US foreign policy. Even though I think I already knew what Chomsky says, it is good to hear him say it. And no, I really don’t know everything that he says. I feel like calling out Yes!, Yeah!, That’s right! while he speaks.

Part I is here. Part II is here. Recommended. Noam Chomsky: “This is the Most Remarkable Regional Uprising that I Can Remember”

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We citizens for a better human race owe you a great thanks, Larry, for providing such important info. Many thanks. On a different note, reading about the ice/snow storms threatening the Super Bowl,the Australian cyclone, the Hawai'i Vog that threatens health and business, the storms on the Mainland that close airports, roads, businesses, I can't help but feel that there is a higher power demonstrasting how foolish we human beings are about our focus.

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