Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Al Jazeera: “Clashes in Tahrir Square being described as medieval”


(All times are local in Egypt, GMT+2)

10:55pm Latest from Al Jazeera Web Producer in Cairo's Tahrir Square:

The pro-Mubarak crowd suddenly retreated, and the pro-democracy protesters advanced a moveable wall of metal shields to a new front line much further up.

A side battle erupted down a street behind the pro-Mubarak lines, with rock throwing and molotov cocktails.

An armored personnel carrier opened fire into the air, shooting red tracers up over Cairo, in an apparent effort to disperse/frighten the pro-Mubarak crowd, who contracted again.

The pro-democracy protesters are now advancing their line of staggered metal shields farther and farther and seem to have gained decisive momentum.

10:45pm Clashes in Tahrir Square being described as medieval. Anti-government supporters are moving makeshift metal barricades slowly forward, one by one.

[Al Jazeera, Live Blog Feb 2 - Egypt protests, 2/2/2011

It’s too bad that cable carriers in the USA are unwilling to carry the Al Jazeera English channel. Around the world, people are glued to it right now. It’s what CNN used to be. But US citizens are kept in ignorance of world events.

Does anyone have a high-level contact in Oceanic Time Warner? Let me know. At least, we can ask.

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Anybody with a fast Internet connection can get Al Jazeera's English service live ...

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