Thursday, January 27, 2011


Suppose it rains when APEC is in town…

by Larry Geller

… and they read in the paper about medical waste on the beaches and see piles of rubbish on our sidewalks everywhere.

Will they still think Hawaii is such a great place to do business?

C’mon city and state, get efficient, get with the program, do something right for a change. Solve the garbage problem.

While you’re at it, think of how to subsidize or otherwise provide a symphony orchestra in case the APEC delegates would like to take insome classical music while visiting. You wouldn’t want them to think we are just a banana republic out in middle of the Pacific Ocean with no culture, would you? 

Though even a banana republic without a symphony orchestra probably knows how to get rid of its garbage.

Hey… while typing this I came up with a high-tech solution. With tongue only a little in cheek, how about this plan.

Windfarm Dump

I was too lazy to draw in old refrigerators, sofas and other garbage. But you get the idea, I think.

Basically, Castle & Cooke is willing to sacrifice the valuable land on Lanai to serve as a wind farm for Oahu. It’s an ideal business for them Unlike a resort, for example, labor costs are vanishingly low, there’s no cost for raw materials, and infinite profit from wind that is free for the taking. Once they plug in the undersea cable, the profits flow on and on and on.

Nevermind that no one wants to live near a wind farm. They’re noisy, ugly, kill birds, etc. It’s not a case of NIMBY. I just can’t think of a wind farm I’d be happy to welcome into my neighborhood. How about you?

So here’s the deal.

We don’t give the go-ahead for the wind farm until Castle & Cooke agrees to take all of Oahu’s garbage that currently is going into that dump. Medical waste and all. Plus, why not, the garbage piling up in bales at Campbell Industrial Park. Yup, all of it. Instead of shipping to the Mainland, we ship to Lanai. It can be dumped right there, on the wind farm.

As long as C&C is willing to trash the island of Lanai, they might as well go all the way.

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