Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A soda tax would be good for Hawaii several different ways

by Larry Geller

Ah, the Governor has picked up on the possibility of taxing sugary soda beverages. Could it be that someone over there reads Disappeared News?

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In a nutshell, a tax on sugary sodas or on soft drinks in general brings in significant revenue. As a “sin” tax it can contribute to reduction of diabetes and obesity and encourage better dietary habits.

The earlier articles lay out the revenue that Hawaii could expect.

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I am all for this tax, as a non-soda and alcohol drinker. Raise the cigerette tax,too, and then enforce the laws.

Ease the deficit and perhaps change our eating habits for the better sounds great. Killing two birds with one bat makes sense. Sorry, the peacock story is still fresh in my mind. :)

would this apply to diet soda's also?

But the proposed doubling o fvehicle taxes? After they ramped sales with a cash for clunkers and low interest for how long?

What about people who have a truck used for work, we are already getting crushed!

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