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Democracy Now disappears from Oahu TV screens at 10 p.m.

by Larry Geller

Without warning, Democracy Now disappeared from `Olelo in the evening. One of the most popular sources of alternative news, it had been on channel 56 at 10 p.m. for years. (I am the presenter of Democracy now on `Olelo).

Viewers discovered guitar lessons in its place. I got phone calls. One viewer said he was told that Democracy Now had been discontinued.

It’s still on mornings, Monday-Friday at 7 a.m. on channel 54, but that’s been the previous day’s re-run.

I learned that UH is taking back the evening time on the educational channel that Democracy Now had been inhabiting.

What to do? If you want to see the program return to the screen during the evening, best to call `Olelo at 834-0007 and make your views known.

Sure, it’s still on the web, but many people prefer to watch it on their TV screen. So please call. Try to get a human being on the line because in my experience they are very poor at returning calls if you just leave a message.

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That really sucks! Is there a push to keep facts out of the hands of Americans? First a big stink over wikileaks. Come on Olelo, you know Democracy Now deserves it's PM slot back.

Just do it already.

It's possible that Olelo may place the program elsewhere on the schedule, but I suspect that will be only if they get enough requests.

Get involved! Keep them honest!

The draft revised plan and additional information are available at

Comments on the plan are welcome and should be sent by Jan. 15 to Helber Hastert & Fee Planners at For more information, the public may call 545-2055.

Let me see ---- guitar lessons....irony that UH needs to show this, don't like the implications of the timing either.

Does anyone air Democracy Now over the radio on O`ahu? I was extremely disappointed with HPR for deciding against carrying it.

I called for reinstatement. This is a valuable program for the community.

Thank you!

Please, everybody, call during the week, let's get the program back.

To answer earlier question, KKCR carries it, but they are on Kauai so reception on Oahu depends on where you are located. I can't pick them up near downtown at all.

Reminder: the number to call is 834-0007. Thanks!

The Ed Shultz Show has been removed as well.
He has been on at 4PM Hawaii time AM 57.
Donʻt know if anyone cares much about this but he was also a very informative inside to whatʻs happening directly in Washington. Heʻs been off the air for a few months. I have emailed his site several times and got no response. It was a show Republicans definitely do not take lightly to; done without the crassness and lower intellectual content typical of ʻconservativeʻ/republican ranters.
I think these are not coincidences.

I don't have a TV but you can subscribe to the video or audio podcast here:

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