Saturday, December 11, 2010


White House leaks – Nixon, Kissenger racism laid bare

by Larry Geller

This tweet just in:

White House leaks

As we are very aware these days, information wants to be free. If there is data somewhere, it wants out. I don’t know why Nixon wanted or allowed tapes to be made of his conversations, but those too are now data and are escaping from the Nixon Library. 265 hours of tapes have just been liberated.

It seems at least some of them are not pretty:

US president Richard Nixon blasted Jews as "obnoxious," and made disparaging remarks about the Irish, Italians and black Africans, according to newly-released released White House audio tapes.

Then national security advisor Henry Kissinger, meanwhile, said it was no concern of the United States if Soviet Jews were gassed, in conversations barely a year before Nixon was forced to quit over the Watergate scandal.

"The Jews have certain traits," ….    [AFP, Tapes reveal Nixon, Kissinger blasts over Jews, others, 12/11/2010]

The article has several short excerpts that you might enjoy. I suggest clicking over and checking it out.


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