Saturday, December 04, 2010


A spine for Obama

by Larry Geller


Obama seems to be negotiating with Republicans on legislation for this lame duck session. The only thing he has to offer for a deal is to get the tax cuts for the rich extended.

Why he took this upon himself in the first place is a bit of a mystery. When it’s necessary to get tough with Republicans, Democrats don’t want Obama in the room. Unless he’s making a speech, he appears to have no backbone. It seems to take two teleprompters (one to the left, one to the right) to hold the guy up.

The sense of frustration among Senate Democrats over the White House's handling of the tax cut debate has grown throughout the week, culminating in a series of articles on Thursday anticipating some form of presidential capitulation.

Whether the mood is genuine or deliberate -- or, perhaps, a bit of both -- is worth some honest debate. Aides acknowledged that they were airing concerns about a forthcoming tax cut deal, in part, for the purpose of stiffening the White House's spine during the remaining negotiations.   [Huffington Post, Harkin: If Obama Caves On Taxes, He Better Pray For Palin In 2012, 12/3/2010]

Why does he give in to the GOP as an opening move? There’s no corresponding retreat on their side.

The article’s title suggestion, “Pray for Palin in 2012” may not save him either. Palin has demonstrating she can stay firmly in the public spotlight. By 2012, even her ignorance and inexperience may look good in contrast to an ineffectual Barack Obama. She can shoot moose, and that takes a backbone.

By 2012 she may be as popular as American Idol. Besides, George Bush, despite his intellectual limitations, garnered enough support to put him in the White House, and he wasn’t nearly as attractive a candidate as Palin.


During the presidential primaries my first impression was Barack Obama was a phony, hence I supported Hillary Clinton. After Obama won the nomination I convinced myself he was the progressive we needed to lead this country out of the GWB mess. I am beginning to realize first impressions are normally correct.

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