Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Marines hike Honolulu Marathon to raise money for wounded Marines and sailors

by Larry Geller

So who were those soldiers, dressed in camouflage and carrying heavy packs in the Honolulu Marathon?

Marines with Aircraft Rescue Firefighting, Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, and the School of Infantry West — Detachment Hawaii, complete the final stretch of the 2010 Honolulu Marathon, Dec. 12. For the second year in a row, the Marines hiked the 26.3-mile marathon with boots, camouflage trousers and 65-pound packs to raise money for wounded Marines and sailors at Wounded Warrior Battalion West — Detachment Hawaii, on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. "In the end, the wounded warriors were who we were there for," said Chicago native Sgt. Fernando Camacho, a firefighter with ARFF. "Ultimately, our goal was to raise money for the wounded Marines and sailors, but it didn't matter how much we did or didn't raise — it was that we were there supporting them."   [dvids, Pressing on with purpose: Marine firefighters hike Honolulu Marathon for second year, raise money for wounded warriors, 12/14/2010]

Check out the article. It sounds like they were successful in raising funds. But what hard work!


They're probably used to it right? That doesn't mean I'm going to volunteer to do it though.

Still, it's kind of crazy that these Marines need to raise money for wounded servicemen. Shouldn't the government be looking after the people that were wounded working for them? If I hurt myself at my work, my employer has to help me out, what makes the military different?

I'm not sure the collection was for medical care. At least I hope it wasn't... it would hardly cover the cost of a government-issue bandaid.

I was one of the Marines who did this and i actually the organizer for this fundraiser. Its not for medical supplies but for things such as helping pay for family members to come see them, or things to improve their morale such as food, paying for trips to things. We raised over $4000.00 in 2009 marathon and in currently for this past 2010 marathon we are cover to $2000.00. We hope to hit $10,000.00 after the newly added wounded warrior car show feb 26, 2011 at the NEX. To be honest, this started not for the money but awareness. We heard the media to start dubbing this war the "Forgotten War". We dont want our military brothers forgotten. Its real and they are still be injured or worse killed. Just like the POW MIAs', i want these men to "never be forgotten". Thank you for supporting us. Semper Fi

Car show info: http://www.hawaiitalks.net/newthread.php?do=phshow
Cpl Whitaker, Nathan J 808-295-9891 or Nathan.whitaker@usmc.mil

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