Sunday, December 26, 2010


Lucky we live Hawaii.

by Larry Geller

Of course Santa knew whether you were naughty or nice. Your parents knew, the government knew, some schools even watched students get undressed at home (if you remember that story). So this may not seem so unusual to younger folks … but I find it interesting. There are webcams everywhere!

New York City has a network of webcams just as we have in Honolulu. You can watch the traffic even if you don’t live there.

Right now, you can watch the storm. It’s getting dark, but the pictures still show snow.

The webcams are here, just to remind you that it may be raining outside here in Honolulu, but that’s not a blizzard, it’s just rain, and the temperature is around the 80’s, not the 30’s.

If you’d like to annoy your East Coast friends (soon to be former friends?), Send them a link to this Maui Beach Webcam [direct link removed at the real estate website owner's request after threat of “penalties”] [but you can still Google “Maui beach web cam live for several] or see if you can find a Waikiki beach camera that’s working. I checked the usual locations and I guess they fall into the category of crumbling infrastructure (see previous article). At least on my computer, there was no picture from Waikiki.

Lucky we live Hawaii. Really.


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