Thursday, December 16, 2010


Liberty Coalition to release Part 2 of their report on breaches of personal information in Hawaii

Hawaii’s laws do not adequately protect citizens against breaches, which occur at an alarming rate in Hawaii. Hawaii residents generally bear the full burden of recovering from breaches and identity theftAaron Titus, Liberty Coalition

by Larry Geller

The Liberty Coalition has completed Part 2 of their report on breaches of personal information in Hawaii and will hold a press conference next Monday to answer questions on the report. Advance copies, containing suggestions for new legislation, have been circulated to selected state legislators. The report will be posted on their website on Monday, December 20, 2010.

The report will facilitate the introduction of several bills in the 2011 legislative session designed to remedy shortfalls in Hawaii’s consumer privacy laws.

Liberty Coalition is a Washington DC policy institute that “works in conjunction with more than
80 partner organizations from across the political spectrum.  Our primary focus is preserving the Bill of Rights, personal autonomy and individual privacy

Aaron Titus, Information Privacy Director of the Liberty Coalition, was instrumental in discovering and publicizing the massive data breach of University of Hawaii student and faculty personal information. The first part of his report gave the University of Hawaii an "F" for Privacy and Data Security and noted that:

Key findings of the new report include:

The report makes seven specific legislative proposals to improve Hawaii privacy laws, including:

Aaron Titus has scheduled a telephone press conference for Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 11:00am Hawaii time/ 4:00pm Eastern time, to respond to all questions about the report. Participants should dial (610) 214-0200 and punch in code: 863597# to join the call.

See these earlier articles.

Anyone may enter their name into a search engine at the website to see if their data was involved in the breach. An audio file of the first conference call is available for download on the same page.


This is great. Thank you Larry and Liberty Coalition.
The infuriating part of it is the UH lack of concern.

They have been entrusted with lives. And they have failed in their duties.
Does diligence come into play here?
From a personal viewpoint in dealing with the UH ʻtechsʻ, I have often wondered if they are really techs at all. Or just 101-on-the-job-trainees.
Considering the kind of information divulged by a student, this is truly serious.
Itʻs beyond unacceptable.

Is it also a fiduciary trust obligation by the UH as they are still under the state legislature.
Maybe this is one of the reasons they want autonomy so badly. A bad move that would be.
Can you imagine the free for all with peopleʻs data and the level 4 labs that could present real nasty scenarios.
I would say they have aced themselves out of being trustworthy and responsible to venture off on their own. A bad history of criminal negligence; how about holding them responsible and facing charges?
Bunch of idiots. Learning institution?
Iʻve learned something: donʻt trust UH. Too late for me. Theyʻve got all my data.

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