Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Four file lawsuit against TSA groping

by Larry Geller

Adrienne Durso, 54, and three others are plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit accusing the TSA of "unnecessarily invasive and degrading practices" that "violate constitutionally protected rights" against unlawful search or seizure.  [North County Times, Woman sues TSA to stop "invasive" airport searches, 12/14/2010]

Durso had a mastectomy last year but was allegedly subjected to a particularly aggressive and painful pat-down on that side of her chest in full view of everyone nearby. But what really set her off was

When her son reportedly asked the supervisor why he was not subjected to a similar pat-down, the supervisor reportedly told him it was because he "didn't have boobs," according to the lawsuit.

It’s interesting to see how this lawsuit is constructed. If TSA does not change its invasive procedures on its own, perhaps it will take the courts to get TSA’s hands away from our “junk.”

Download 1-10-cv-02066 TSA lawsuit 20101211

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It was just a matter of time before the lawsuits started flooding in. There was no way to avoid it.

Is this akin to "she was raped because she wore a short dress?" Let's stop blaming the victims here, Mrs. Adrienne Durso and the US Constitution.

The fact is bomb sniffing dogs are more effective, not invasive, and not dangerous to your health and emotional wellbeing. WHY are we using these scanning machines? Because Michael Chertoff is making money on the sale of each machine. Because the US government, as a front for private corporations are conditioning the US public for total loss of civil liberties, so that you be like the frog boiled in water. I won't fly until this practice is stopped.

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