Sunday, November 28, 2010


Who cares about us

by Larry Geller

A sensible editorial in the NY Times (snip):

Lame duck lawmakers will have only one day when they return to work on Monday to renew the expiring benefits. If they don’t, two million people will be cut off in December alone. This lack of regard for working Americans is shocking.

Ignoring facts and logic, several Republicans have said that any benefit extension must be paid for with spending cuts elsewhere. That would, in effect, be giving with one hand while taking away with the other. It is not only cruel, but foolish, because it would reduce the economic boost that benefits would provide.

President Obama should pound the table for a clean, yearlong extension of unemployment benefits, and should excoriate phony deficit hawks — in both parties — who say that jobless benefits are too costly, even as they pass vastly more expensive tax cuts for the rich.    [NYTimes, The Unemployed Held Hostage, Again, 11/28/2010]

Check out the entire article at the link above.

While reading, keep in mind that Wall Street executives will be taking home record bonuses this year. They sure need those tax cuts, don’t they.



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