Tuesday, November 30, 2010


US should see that no harm comes to Assange

by Larry Geller

The latest news is that Interpol has added WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange to its wanted list. Right wing talk show noisemakers want him dead. Since a coming data dump is supposed to contain bank data, Wall Street banksters may also want him dead.

If the US government is smart, though, they’ll make sure that no harm comes to him. Why? Those insurance files.

Wikileaks insurance files have been downloaded all over the world. If anything happens to Assange, that could trigger a release of the encryption password. No doubt he has made arrangements to have the password released by multiple third parties.

And no doubt whatever is in those files is far worse than what we have seen so far, and it wouldn’t be redacted.

That’s just an assumption, but the downside risk is there, and so if someone is successful in doing Assange in, they may not only regret it, but they may learn that Wikileaks is probably more than just one man.

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Their of exploitation of slave like labor is what's driving the economy and if history has taught us anything its that slave labor never lasts forever.

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