Tuesday, November 30, 2010


TSA pat-downs for US ambassadors, I love it…

by Larry Geller

I like Old Diver’s comment posted to my article "Did Ambassador Tatiana Gfoeller “wear a wire” when she dined with the Duke of York?":

Next time an American Ambassador has lunch with a foreign diplomat they will be required to go through a TSA screening. Never know where you might find a wire.

Apparently the Wikileaks revelations are to be stretched out over time, which will keep American diplomats and anyone who speaks with them on edge for the duration. See: "We Have Not Seen Anything Yet": Guardian Editor Says Most Startling WikiLeaks Cables Still To Be Released (Democracy Now, 11/30/2010).

The leaked cable written by an American ambassador contained amazing detail of a luncheon meeting attended by the Duke of York, who must be steamed by its revelations. The detail suggests that the luncheon may have been secretly recorded by the Ambassador.

This and other leaked cables demonstrate that the line between diplomacy and spying has disappeared. What else has been reported that foreign dignitaries assumed would be secret? How many reports, as detailed as that one, are routinely sent, and are conversations routinely and secretly recorded?

Perhaps it’s assumed that each country is spying on the others, but what is new is that the results can be laid out for anyone to read. That wasn’t anticipated.


Unlike us ordinary American citizens American Ambassadors will be given special treatment during the TSA screenings. TSA screeners will be changing their gloves before each inspection.

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