Friday, November 19, 2010


Should you make animal sounds during your TSA pat-down?

by Larry Geller

This is but one suggestion made by Singapore’s mrbrown in his CNN Go Singapore article, mrbrown ponders the merits of an airport 'freedom fondle' (11.19/2010).

It seems that while TSA agents may not think their pat-down jobs are very funny, somebody does.  mrbrown is very funny.

I’m afraid you won’t click over to read mrbrown’s article because you’ve already had enough of the whole TSA thing. To whet your appetite, a snip:

I think we can go further with this program. Since there is already a faster line at customs for passengers who are elite frequent flyers, I suggest more perks for the Elite.

Right now, pat-downs are conducted by same gender officers. I think elite-level frequent flyers can opt to have someone of the opposite gender do it, if they so desire.

In fact, Super Elite status even will even let you choose the good-looking ones to do the deed, in a room complete with a disco ball, bad rock music and a dance pole.

Make it a perk and folks will beg for the pat-down, I tell you.

His idea to make animal sounds while being felt up may be a winner too.

Speaking of appetite, I visit CNN’s Singapore site because I love Singapore, but don’t plan on visiting any time soon. They kind of bring me back to one of my favorite cities. For example, Singapore is famous for its food. If you also know and love Singapore food, check out 40 Singapore foods we can't live without (4/14/2010).



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