Thursday, November 18, 2010


Life of the Land (LOL) and Hawaii's Thousand Friends (HTF)

By Henry Curtis

In writing “Life of The Land: A Brief History” I was forced to choose from a very large canvass and narrow it down to something that could be said in 5000 words. I left out numerous people involved with Life of the Land, dozens of issues handled by the organization, as well as some of the other groups that were involved in similar issues.

One person wrote me stating:

“I found that information about Hawaii's Thousand Friends is factually incorrect and should be corrected.

Factually incorrect statement: Hawaii's Thousand Friends was spun off by members who felt that LOL had been so intense in the 1970s that a new group was needed. LOL let the money to establish the group, and there was talk for a few years about merging LOL into Hawaii's Thousand Friends.

Correct statement: Hawaii's Thousand Friends founded in 1981 was modeled after 1000 Friends of Oregon thanks to Marilyn Bornhorst, Joann Yukimura and Henry Richmond, executive director of 1000 Friends of Oregon. Within LOL there may have been talk of HTF and LOL merging but it never entered any discussions within the HTF leadership, planning, or Oregon advisors.”

It is true that I failed to explain who was involved in the founding of Hawaii's Thousand Friends and how Oregon was involved. Mahalo for this important piece of information.

One difficulty in writing about an organization is researching the period between when it is in the twinkle in someone’s eye to when it is formally created. For Life of the Land this is the pre September 1970 era, and I would love for people or organizations who were around then to add to my meager understanding of the formation of the organization.

The references I wrote about Hawaii's Thousand Friends in my history of Life of the Land cover 1979.

Hawaii's Thousand Friends was listed as an agenda item on Life of the Land’s Board Meeting dated January 23, 1979.

An LOL Staff Member made a presentation to the Board on May 15, 1979: “Hawaii's Thousand Friends ...LOL Foundation is willing to make a $2000 loan for start-up costs.” 

At some point some members and staff of LOL left the organization and joined Hawaii's Thousand Friends.

At some point a loan was made and was repaid.

If there are people reading this who can fill in more details please send me an email.

Henry Curtis


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