Thursday, November 04, 2010


Learn about polling in Hawaii

by Larry Geller

Visit Ian Lind’s blog and check out Big election, big puzzle: What’s wrong with the polls? (ilind,net, 11/3/2010), in particular the comment by “Ray” way down in the comment heap. I haven’t seen this kind of insider discussion on polling in Hawaii before. Anyone interested in the process might want to have a look at his explanation.

Ray also reveals the real purpose of polling. It’s not to inform the public, but for strategic purposes:

Some people use polls to raise money; others to stir the troops, others to impact public opinion; we only poll to help direct the campaign.

So next election cycle, when you once again become the target of a flood of human or robo-polls, keep in mind that by answering you are simply playing a part in getting some corporate-financed candidate into corporate-serving power.

No, the polling isn’t for us— if anything, it’s to better manipulate us.


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