Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Good job by Save our Schools parents on election ads

by Larry Geller

SOS808 (Save our Schools) parents have done a truly outstanding job of getting their ad out there (See: Save Our Schools weigh in on Hawaii governor’s race, 10/28/2010). Apparently it has been all over the cable channels, including last night’s Daily Show and Colbert Report (See Actions speak louder than words (ilind.net, 11/2/2010)

“We asked the governor and Lt. Governor Aiona for their help.”

The response, in unison: “They had us arrested.”

The message: “Action speaks louder than words.”

I’ll have to admit that I don’t see ads when I watch programs on my Tablet PC. One advantage of watching TV on a PC is that there are programs that, well, do the skipping for you, saving wear and tear on the remote operating fingers. So thanks to Ian Lind for mentioning the appearance of the SOS ads on hot Comedy Central spots.

Now, did they also run on Fox News?



I just saw that ad last night - and loved it!
"They had us arrested!" (Super!)

SOS strikes again. Though I'd like to clarify that SOS isn't just parents, but also students and other community members.

I stand corrected. Thank you.

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