Monday, November 22, 2010


A glimpse of Honolulu’s traffic future

by Larry Geller

@bonnevivante tweeted her 9 1/2 (?) hour ordeal driving south on I-5 out of Seattle at 0.8 miles per hour. People outside their cars, a woman applying full makeup inside her vehicle, road to nowhere.

That reminded me of that traffic jam scene from Jean-Luc Godard's Weekend. Which in turn reminded me of the Honolulu H-1 whenever something happens anywhere along the line. Anyway, here’s the clip:


Simple. Eliminate the pat-downs and DEMAND that EVERYONE pass through the scanners. Absolutely no exception.

No fly.

Flying is a privilege, not a right.

I think you intended this comment to be on another article. But anyway, how do you figure flying is a privilege? If you paid your money to go on vacation at a place of your choice and were denied it, would you say you were not as privileged as the next person in line, or that your rights were being violated?

Larry, the clip reminds me of the white-knuckle driving we've done on tree-lined highways in France. Rows of trees right next to the road are everywhere, as the clip shows, and take 15 mph off your speed if you're smart. Thanks for the clip.

Scanning everyone won't work because the scanners don't detect explosives under the skin. I'm for everyone getting examined where the sun don't shine or naked flying. Either would do the trick. :)

I just had a cop tell me that driving is a privledge, bully on that, it is a necessity of life.

If "Flying is a privilege, not a right" then does that also extend to entering stores, buidings, riding buses, camping on the beach, going to restaurants, etc.?

Can all sorts of private entities hire pedophiles to guard their doors? How about schools? Teachers can't touch students but crossing guards and school guards can?

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