Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ward Research wanted to know my opinons about--food

by Larry Geller

I received several robocalls today, and two survey calls. I’m tired of it. If a call starts with that three or four seconds of silence, I just hang up (the computer wants to be sure that you are a “live” caller, not an answering machine, before transferring to a human or to the robot).

Today Ward Research called up to ask if I could answer some food questions. I reminded the guy that there is an election in three days, and politely declined.

Sheesh. Can a survey about food preferences even be valid at a time when people are fed up with survey calls?

Finally, how does it affect these polls that people hang up on them? Do liberals hang up more than conservatives? If I hang up, does that slant the poll more towards conservative replies? Maybe they should do a survey on that.

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Yes -- food preferences are valid. You eat right? Besides, with all those election polls at least a food survey provides a nice change.

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