Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tech idea: where are the food trucks? GPS can show us

by Larry Geller

Got a tweet from CafeTruck yesterday:

CafeTruck tweet

Awesome in its simplicity. The web page is blank right now, possibly because it is Sunday.

Sadly, there are no good coffee shops immediately around where I live. A truck isn’t the same thing, you can’t curl up for an hour sipping a couple of double espressos. But it’s something.

The Honolulu food truck scene is picking up, but can’t compete yet with the sheer number of vendors in cities where street eating has been the norm for ages, if not centuries.

In New York City, where the sidewalk vendors are more or less in stable locations, there are guidebooks and web pages to get you to the great street food many of them serve up. Maybe they don’t need GPS units there.

In Tokyo, yakitori and other yatai (屋台?) (street stands) are also relatively fixed in their location, though some move around. Yaki-imo trucks move through neighborhoods hawking those delicious hot potatoes. GPS tracking may be useful there.

In Honolulu, the trucks may or may not be on the same spot each day. Many move around.

So how about one web page consolidating the location of as many trucks as want to carry some sort of GPS unit?

Can someone do that please?

Thank you.


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