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A Rail Nightmare

By Henry Curtis

Are you dense? Would you like to be denser? Imagine the future.

Let us assume that rail is successful.

The City and County of Honolulu wants to infill (“redevelop”) along the entire rail route with new multi-use buildings that have stores on the bottom floors, offices in the middle and residential units on top.

The Second City is able to expand with 200,000 more people in some length of time (short or long number of years).

Waikiki rises in elevation led by Kyo-sa, Ko Olina gets Walt Disney, Waikiki gets Donald Trump, the H1-H2 interchange gets Koa Ridge, Windward O`ahu become the Rural City, the Haleiwa Hotel is built.

The infill does not stop the expansion of Mililani Mauka to the Koolau Mountains since the County Council finds it difficult to reject proposed developments.

Koa Ridge Phase 1 and 2, at the intersection of H-1/H-2 become fact.

Whitmore Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area mauka of Whitmore Village, Wahiawa gets its second road (may already be approved). The new H-2/Whitmore intersection looks similar to the H-2/Paalaa Uka Pupukea Road intersection (the road which leads to the expanding Helemano Army Military Reservation).

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints convinces the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning and Permitting to replace the community created Koolauloa Sustainable Communities Plan with one developed by the church called “Envision Laie”. The Envision Laie proposal includes several new developments and a mauka highway from Laie to Kahuku. The transformation of Laie, Kahuku, Malaekahana and Turtle Bay puts pressure on the coastal highway where in spots the ocean is already lapping against it. The mauka highway goes from 2 to 4 lanes.

Business is booming with the 200,000-500,000 new residents and 200,000-500,000 new tourists. People need to get away. They can drive to Sunset Beach to see the giant waves, or they can take the train to the last stop in Kapolei and take a beach bus to Waianae, which has replaced the homeless with tourists.

Imagine the slogan: “Come to the open sandy beaches of Waianae, the real Hawai`i.”

What do you think the carrying capacity of O`ahu is? How many people is just one too many?

Henry Curtis

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You make some interesting points. I guess if we took the worst-case scenario of everything, then we could add the tsunami that's generated from the Big Island earthquake that wipes out all of the whole east side of the island, and then the comet that hits Mililani, etc.

I can't speak to the other stuff, but the Koolau Sustainable Communities Plan changes just 1% of ag land in the area to rural development. There's still over 90% of the land zoned as preservation or agriculture. I think we need some smart growth.

"I can't speak to the other stuff, but the Koolau Sustainable Communities Plan changes just 1% of ag land in the area to rural development. There's still over 90% of the land zoned as preservation or agriculture. I think we need some smart growth."

Who are you? Hawaii Reserves' 24/7 PR consultant? Where did you get this percentages from? You obviously do not understand the Koolau Loa coast. It has some flat areas but most of it is the mountain range. The new subdivision - EnvisionLaie eats - up the whole Malaekahana ahu'upu'a - 900 acres of ag/preservation land. Hawaii Reserves who is hiding behind it's educational institution BYU-Hawaii, wants to use the Army's Old Drum Rd that runs from Kahuku to Whitmore area. Hello bottle-neck traffic!

Even so, properties along the 2-lane Kam Hwy will be evicted the city expands Kam Hwy. Property owners from Kahalu'u to Haleiwa better wake up! This is a very real possibility. Spread the warning now.

I watch Island Insights between Jessica Woolly and Richard Fale (the water-boy for Hawaii Reserves.) He repeated the very same propaganda! "There is 90% left of the agricultural land. EnvisionLaie takes up 1%"

This is organized stupidity folks!

Drive along the Ko'olauloa coast. Just 90% propaganda is dumb and deceitful. This does not say much about the stupid City Planning Office who got conned into this project. My browsing brought up and OMG!

Copied from

Your neighbor said...

Dear Mr. Monson,

The following comments are taken from the Hobolulu Advertiser. What do you think of it? Mahalo.

For the last 18yrs BYUH has been allowed to build Affordable Housing on the 250 acres behind BYU- and has not!

Now in their ENVISION LAIE Plan these 250 acres will be "Cabins for visiting faculty & guests"

There is also PLENTY of room to build more Dormitories at BYU and still keep it beautiful. This would free-up housing for the local community!

If Wheelwright really wants local people to have Affordable Housing then just have BYU/PCC/HRI pay locals a good salary! There is plenty of Housing in Hauula, Kahuku, all up for sale at all different prices!

Instead Wheelwright wants to build a whole new town at Malaekahana! Affordable Housing ? or a Retirement Community for Baby Boomers from Utah!
November 12, 2009 1:39 PM

Still from Independent Kamaaina:
WAIT A MINUTE - Which story is the honest one?

Your Neighbor said...

Hi Mr. Monson,

I've been told that BYU faculty has been offered a very sweetheart deal to buy its faculties homes. The faculty who buys outside can also benefit. They are given $10,000 to help with down payment. There is also cash to help with closing costs. They are also receiving a monthly stipend of $400 for some years.

If the faculty members who have the good- paying jobs in Laie needed this much help, this does not bid well for the rest of the community. I seriously doubt that the 'affordable' housing will be helpful to Laie. Unless, it's priced at below $250,000.

With this great financing program, how many faculty members are or able to take advantage of this? Will the church offer this to other Laie residents? Thank you.
November 17, 2009 3:54 PM

Are you aware that there are lots of half-truths and misrepresentation (LIES) by your church representatives? In a interview with the Hawaii public radio, Eric Beaver from Hawaii Reserves and also one of you top level church leaders LIED. He stated that the Hauula Community Association supported Envision Laie. But they never did. It was a blatant lie. Why do you continue to allow these people to destroy the good name of your church?
December 10, 2009 5:55 PM
Hawaii Resident said...

January 1, 2010 2:56 PM
Anonymous said...

What do you think of this Kuleana land grab? Aloha

January 1, 2010 2:57 PM

Dear Mr Monson,

Are special church leaders and the Hawaii Reserves Inc CEO allowed to lie to get what they want?

We HEARD Eric Beaver LIED on air during the Hawaii Public Radio in November 2009 that the Hauula Assoc. supported them.

Please check the facts. Neighborhood Board Minutes exposed this LIE 11/12/09 minutes pg 7. Just because Moana Kalua'u worked for Hawaii Reserves does not give her the right to represent HRI. Other board members were against it.

HRI needs to fix Laie flood problems etc first. HRI advertising it is selling sandbags for 50 cents in the Neighborhood Board minutes is ridiculous!

Laie people deserves more respect.
January 10, 2010 1:18 PM

It looks like the new Mayor Carlisle will be a two-year mayor. Looks like the Hawaii Reserves gang have sucked him in too. Too bad. I thought Carlisle was more astute than that.

Seeing is believing., Chronology of Events is particularly interesting. It is a trail of emails dating back to 1995 in which HRI and Lem Galeai along with his son Tipa & wife Tali,and friend, Jesse Riddle, scheme to clear title to a piece of property by committing fraud. Their coniving, plotting, lies and communications are all in these emails..they are their words. HRI has been doing criminal acts for years. They think they are autumonous....and until now they have been. "Anything Goes" is their motto. They don't care who or what gets in their way. They use their titles and positions of power to threaten, harass, even hurt or defame those who get in their way.
They hide behind the skirts of the Mormon church. Why should anyone respect or even believe their lies. It is time for the people to stand up for JUSTICE and TRUTH and not let these greedy, self serving men bully you!
No matter how cleverly cloaked in political correctness...right is still right and wrong is still wrong.

Who can you trust? The Zions Securities aka Hawaii Reserves is now morphing again. They are now hiding behind the name - Brigham Young University - for EnvisionLaie. Laie people are suckers. BYU people hated Steven Wheelwright because he treated them badly. Why are they following orders Steven Wheelwright and Max Checketts, a transient from Idaho? Do they honestly care about Laie's welfare? Eric Beaver, HRI CEO talked about have local jobs. HRI CFO Eric Marler now drives to Honolulu to work for Bishop Estate.

To Anonymous who posted the article from, it's ok to post a link and a short excerpt from an article, that's "fair use", but not the whole thing. Please repost your comment.

Yeah, I know some other blogs do it.

Envision Laie - free dinner. free t-shirts, free hamburgers, free hot dogs. This is the future of land-use planning. What a shame. Peter Carlisle is in charge or not?

Hundreds of new BYU-H students worsens the AFFORDABLE HOUSING CRISIS in rural KO'OLAU LOA !

Again this fall, the flood of hundreds of new BYUH students into rural Ko'olau Loa is causing an even worse Affordable Housing Crisis! BYUH has built no new dormitories, but continues to bring in even more students from the mainland & overseas !This pushes local people out of Low-Income Affordable Rentals up-and-down Ko’olau Loa.

According to BYUH own student newspaper, this semester, there are now 2,780 degree students at BYUH (the official BYUH website & info says 2,400 attend BYUH) Plus-how many additional English Language students & other visiting, non-degree students did BYU bring in ?

Often BYUH transfer student: from BYU Utah, Idaho & Provo and older foreign students have spouses & children-this pushes the population surge in Ko’olau Loa even higher! And even More Locals out of Affordable Rentals!

In BYU-H's student newspaper there is also an article about a Homeless Student! see below- The crunch is so bad to find Affordable Housing in Ko’olau Loa.

Many times these issues have been brought up before the Ko’olau Loa Neighborhood Board to no avail.

Since new BYUH President Steven Wheelwright has been in place and the massive ENVISION LAIE Mega-development announced, there has been dramatic changes in Ko’olau Loa with the local Community being squeezed out of Affordable Housing & Jobs.

EXAMPLE: Laie Inn torn down last year by HRI: 15 unemployed. Damages local economy: Shrimp trucks, Souvenir Shops, PCC Attendance & PCC Jobs, etc. New small Marriot Hotel in Laie not materialized as promised. Very, very poor planning or Economic Pressure Tactic ?

When local community people loose their Jobs & income, then they can not afford Housing!

In BYU-H's student newspaper!

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