Thursday, October 21, 2010


Large convoy breaks siege of Gaza, entering through Egypt

by Larry Geller

The Viva Palestina convoy of almost 150 vehicles, 370 people from 30 different countries and $5 million of aid has entered Gaza.

The convoy set out four weeks and five days ago from London. It travelled through France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Syria. Everywhere the reception was fantastic and the generosity of well-wishers unsurpassed. Towards the end there was a frustrating delay in Syria whilst negotiations at the highest levels were conducted with the Egyptian authorities. In the end it was all worth it as the Egyptian authorities decided to allow passage of the whole convoy, sadly excluding just 17 members of the convoy including George Galloway.    [Viva Palestina, 10/21/2010]

Read the articles and watch the videos at the Viva Palestina website linked above.

(Thanks to Patricia Blair for link to the article).

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Thanks, Larry, readers can check out Al and http;// for good info.

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