Sunday, October 10, 2010


Judge’s order releasing accused human trafficker to Honolulu halfway house posted

by Larry Geller

I added Judge Mollway’s order releasing accused human trafficker Mordechai Orian to a Honolulu halfway house to my Friday article. Read it here. The short document is the court reporter’s minutes of the judge’s verbal order.

The minutes confirm that the judge released Orian on bail in advance of posting a $250,000 bond secured by a second mortgage to be posted by October 26, 2010. Orian is to be released immediately pending availability of bed space. The order allows him to leave the facility to work or to consult with counsel, or as pre-approved by Pretrial Services.

Mahoney Hale, according to Google Maps, is just a short walk from Costco in Iwilei and not far from Chinatown.


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