Sunday, October 24, 2010


Disappeared Star-Advertiser section G

by Larry Geller

Quick – check your Sunday paper to see if you got Section G, including the TV listins and whatever else they tuck into that.

If not, better call quickly while there is still someone in the circulation department: 538-6397. If you call, wait, they might go home soon.

It seems, or so we are told, that quite a number of delivered copies are missing this insert. What they have chosen to do is—nothing, unless a subscriber calls.

Also learned: the circulation dept (presumably at Restaurant Row) received ten copies, of which three were missing the sections. How could that happen? Was anyone minding the presses?

There’s a little more to be said about the Star-Advertiser’s ongoing production problems, but for now, in the interests of getting the word out, I’ll post just this and tweet it too.


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