Friday, October 01, 2010


Complaint Filed re Blatent Violation of State and County Law

By Henry Curtis

The North Shore Neighborhood Board heard Andy Anderson's proposal to build a hotel.
Watch the Meeting on Youtube

The Board Chair explained what would happen next and thanked the presenter. (Youtube 10:41 to 11:14)

A slightly deaf opponent rose to speak, the Board Chair immediately said he was speaking without being recognized and then the Chair ended the meeting (Youtube 11:26) ---  just 12 seconds after thanking the developer for speaking.

 This may set a state record for limiting public input.

From watching the tape it is not clear whether any other Board member present was concerned about this violation of sunshine.


Guess who gets a free weekend in the presidential suite.

Henry, Henry, Henry: your usual good message is undermined by, dare I say i?, your usual distracting errors.

It's "blatAnt," not "blatEnt."

Also, a person is no more "slightly deaf" than a woman is "slightly pregnant." A person with impaired hearing is either deaf or hard of hearing (which has varying degrees). Both may be attended by various speech limitations. So, please, "slightly hard of hearing" next time.

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