Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Barack Obama wants to meet me! Oh, you too?

by Larry Geller

This was in my inbox this morning:

What a crock

Really? My chances of meeting Barack Obama are pretty close to zero. Something like collecting on the Microsoft Lottery or that prize that my email has won, or the money from Nigeria.

So I deleted his email.  I’m tired of the requests for $3 donations with all kinds of trick headlines. It’s not much difference from the other spam that clogs my inbox.

If he does want to meet me, heck, he can just come on over. I can fix him a double espresso to enjoy while we chat.


Update: 16:02: He called me! He just called me! “This is Barack Obama calling on behalf of Colleen Hanabusa….”. He wouldn’t listen to a word I said, though, so I hung up.

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I delete any email from Obama, Democrats, and I am not on the Republican list. I feel that I have been abused long enough!

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