Monday, September 06, 2010


Parents who sat in to stop Furlough Fridays to be sentenced on Friday 9/10

by Larry Geller

They knew they could be arrested and they were willing to make the sacrifice. No one else was putting that kind of pressure on Governor Linda Lingle to stop the infamous Furlough Fridays that gave Hawaii such a black reputation not only nationally but around the world this past April. Hawaii suddenly had the fewest school days of any state in the country. And it had a governor who had protesting parents arrested instead of speaking with them.

In China, Hawaii’s “no school Fridays” became an English lesson.

Hawaii became the poster child of a failed educational system, thanks to our governor’s intransigence.

So yes, she had the students and parents who were sitting in day and night in the waiting room outside her office arrested. She had previously cut them off from going to the bathroom and returning. How cruel. She never once came out to speak with the parents. Not even once. But she did have them arrested. Tell it to the judge, not to me, in effect.

Pretty much everyone was on the side of the parents. News of the arrests was carried by newspapers, TV and wire services.

Thanks in good part to the protest, the detested furloughs ended with the school year.

You’d think the governor would reward the parents for their good work. Certainly, she could at least drop charges.

But no.

Sentencing will take place in court on Alakea St. on Friday, September 10, at 2:15 p.m., Courtroom 7C, Judge Nagata.  Anyone can come to support the parents.

Also, why not call the governor. Her number is (808) 586-0034. Leave a message asking her to drop charges. If you have a fax, you can fax her at 586-0006.


As I understand it, the Governor has no authority to drop the charges, but she could issue a pardon after they are sentenced.

Doug, I think you're probably right. I vaguely remember something about that at the time.

We've even heard about this in Kansas. Please, Governor, don't continue becoming the laughing stock of the nation. Be understanding towards the parents and students of your state. Kansas has been embarrassed by the evolution and creationism controversy. You don't want that for your state. Ernie Miller, Kansas

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