Monday, September 13, 2010


I never got my absentee ballot. Anyone else?

by Larry Geller

My wife and I sent off our forms requesting an absentee ballot on the same day, in two different envelopes. She got her ballot, I never did.

I was able to find two other couples who mailed their requests either in one envelope or in separate envelopes. They each received ballots on different days, one more than a week apart.

Just thinking out loud, I’m wondering how many people never got their ballot and so won’t vote.

More on the Office of Elections later this morning. Stay tuned.


My whole family received ours, guess you will have to stand in line.


Me too-Hawaii Kai area

Actually, you don't have to stand in line. Or not much of a line, anyway. Go "walk-in" vote at Honolulu Hale any time this week (and during the same visit make sure that you're absentee ballot for November is squared away).

we got ours, no problem -- not so good about yours!

That's the plan. We'll go in a day or so.

Meanwhile, I am hearing of others who did not get their ballots, but it's impossible to say how widespread the issue is.

I wasn't thinking of doing anything with this, but tonight, at a meeting, I was urged to call it in. Perhaps the Office of Elections doesn't know about the problem.

That sounds like good advice.

Absentee ballots are important to many people, including older people who might be less mobile, but at the same time, that demographic is least likely to call and make a report.

I didn't get mine either. I thought it was just me. I guess everyone who reads Disappeared News got a Disappeared Ballot.


We haven't received ours either (Pearl City) and a friend of ours (Waikiki) said his neighbor received it in a different language. He also hasn't received his and when he called the elections office, their voice mailbox was full. What's going on?

We did go over to Honolulu Hale to vote in person, since the last day to do so is Thursday and I didn't want to get tied up in anything and be unable to vote early.

So of course, arriving home afterwards, the absentee ballot was in the mailbox. I haven't checked what language it is though.

At Honolulu Hale I fed my vote into the tabulator machine and it rejected it as unreadable. So I put it into the next machine, which ate it up no trouble. Hmmm... so I hung around. The woman behind me fed her ballot into the same machine. It rejected hers as unreadable also. So I called the nearby election person over and said "There might be something wrong with this machine, it rejected two good ballots in a row." She said, there is nothing wrong with the machine. I said, it just rejected two good ballots, MAYBE there is something wrong. She said there's nothing wrong with the machine.

Maybe there isn't anything wrong with the machine, but maybe there is. If she had said that she would keep an eye on it or something, that would have been cool. Anyway, I found someone else to report to, just asking that they keep watch on the machine. She went over there. First person again insisted there was nothing wrong with the machine. Second person said she would watch it.


My husband and I have not received our Absentee Ballots. We live in Michigan and applied in June 2012. This election will be hampered with one way or another. I'm 94 yrs old and homebound, but will find some way to vote.

I just called the Office of Elections. Ballots for the November general election are to be mailed by them to voters on October 20, they said. So you should get it within a couple of days after that. If not, their phone number is (808) 453-8683.

I never received mine. I requested one for FL, palm beach county as I am away right now on a work contract in WA state.
The ballot was supposedly sent out to me on Oct. 25th, but never arrived. And so I was not able to vote this year.

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