Wednesday, September 22, 2010


20 voters in one Republican Memphis precinct, but 619 votes recorded

by Larry Geller

They must be laughing at us in Afghanistan.

In Hawaii, we lament our poor voter turnout. In Shelby City (Memphis), they had an excess of votes. That is, more votes were cast than they have voters.

(sigh). Democracy, American style. But you’d think they’d be better at perpetrating this stuff by now.

Yes, the excess votes were in primarily Republican precincts. Read about it here. This snip is a taste of it:

The heavily Republican COR09 precinct, location HOPE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH shows just 20 people who voted at the polling place, but the certified "SOVC" results counted 619 votes. This is a discrepancy of 599 votes.

Another snip:

In heavily Republican COL09 precinct, location NEW SHELBY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, Shelby's participating voter list shows 409 polling place voters, but the certified "SOVC" results show 442 polling place votes, a 33-vote discrepancy consisting almost entirely of Republican votes. Tags: , , ,


While Republicans whip their base by complaining about voter fraud the real threat to our democracy is election fraud by the Republicans. Whether it's voter caging, removing eligible voters from the voting list in Democratic districts, rigging voting machines or rigging the computers that tabulate the ballots these tactics which for the most part began in the 2000 election of George W Bush continues today. It's time to take private for profit companies out of the voter counting business and return to paper ballots counted with computers under the control of government. Charles Djou's smaller government scheme (privatization) is leading our country into a path of destruction.

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