Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Was Pat Tillman murdered? Was he the only one?

by Larry Geller

I’ve wondered if others felt as I did, while watching a Democracy Now report on Pat Tillman’s death, that he could very well have been deliberately murdered. The next logical question, of course, might be if he were the only one killed by his government.

Whether by assassination or by small plane crash, there’s a risk of death for leaders of liberal causes. Since Kennedy’s assassination it’s been fashionable to dismiss speculation of any sort as “conspiracy theories.” Indeed, just uttering that phrase dismisses the questioners as suspect themselves.

Check out Wes Clark: "Very Possible" Tillman Was Murdered (DailyKos, 8/25/2010). I won’t snip from it, I’d rather that readers just click over there and read the author’s complete thoughts.

The article includes a YouTube video.

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George Bush and Dick Cheney may have covered up a murder. That is bad enough, but President Obama has to take some of the blame for this and all the other crimes of the Bush administration by not investigating them. When we elected President Obama I thought we were getting the audacity of hope not the hope for audacity.

We citizens are still asking for investigation and indictments of war crimes by Bush/Cheney administration and now the Obama administration. The people appear to have been scammed!

Nothing will ever move ahead without cleaning the Bush crap out of the sewer.
Bush, et al need to be charged with crimes against humanity, not just in other countries but the U.S. in order for the world to begin repairing the massive injury inflicted by a few sub human people.

Tillman was certainly only one of dozens of Americans and Europeans assassinated by the CIA in furtherance of the Afganistan/Iraq initiative. I doubt that Cheney even had to OK it. It was in the normal course of business over there to silence any credible and newsworthy witnesses. Some individual CIA scum had to look through the sites of that rifle and destroy that young man for nothing. I hope the memory of commiting that act ruins his life.

That he was killed intentionally seems very likely and that includes the possibility of a larger objective and conspiracy. However, it seems just as likely that one or two of his own men may have disliked him (and his opinions) enough to do him in of their own accord. If you accept the notion that mostly young and heavily armed soldiers on a battlefield will be tempted to violence, it's not hard to suppose the temptation to use it against perceived foes within your own ranks. The rhetoric and ideology of Bush's War on Terrorism definitely suggests such behavior. The "with us or against us, gloves off" message is what comes to mind.

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