Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Unwanted meetups in my vicinity

by Larry Geller

I’m not sure it’s really the best use of my time following Kokua Traffic on Twitter. In the midst of all the important economics, mid-East and other news, comes this extremely hyper-local stuff, for example:


I’d say “who cares” except that tonight it seems that cars are piling up all around me. Earlier there was a collision reported right outside our window. I went over there, and sure enough…  Later, the one above, and there was also a collision a few blocks makai.

Yikes. Another just now at the Punchbowl exit of the H-1! Also just a few blocks from here.

I’m staying safely at home tonight.

I’m impressed at just how dangerous this area, around Vineyard Boulevard, really is, though.

You can also tune in via the web. The map is updated every 10 minutes, or your can refresh it yourself.  Oops… I see there was just something in Pearl City.

Your passenger could follow the tweets on a cell phone (smartphone is not required). But don’t text while driving, you could end up in a Kokua Traffic tweet yourself.


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