Thursday, August 26, 2010


Obama’s cat food commission looks poised to cheat workers of their retirment

by Larry Geller

Glenn Greenwald tweets:

Cat food

The article Greenwald references is President Obama, It’s Time to Can the Catfood Commission (Firedoglake, 8/26/2010).

Obama’s action on this is strange, if seniors vote, as they frequently say they do. He’s just alienated several more of the demographics that supported him, and that he’ll need to get re-elected. Not only seniors, but workers who have paid into the system but will lose big time if this commission has its way.

Construction workers, for example, are frequently cited. They don’t work until they’re 70 years old. The COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) is sure to be on the table as well, and could be lost.

Will the commission do its dirty work? Read the article.

The composition of the Commission was conveniently stacked with 14 of the 18 members committed deficit hawks looking to start balancing the federal budget on the backs of old people. It takes 14 votes to pass any recommendations.

If it’s true that seniors vote, they might take some time now to let Obama know how his decisions will affect their choices. Same for everyone else affected.

Do nothing now, get nothing later. It’s pretty much that simple.

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There really hasn't been much about Obama's administration to admire. Attending the Neil, Willie, Willie event Tuesday night, I couldn't help but think does Neil and the Democratic Party realize how many voters feel betrayed by Obama?

I am a bleeding heart liberal who voted for President Obama and belong to what Robert Gibbs might describe as the amateur "LEFT", and at this point I am about to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!

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