Saturday, August 21, 2010


Finnegan convoy disrupts morning market

by Larry Geller

The KCC Saturday Farmers Market is not just a place to shop for farm-fresh ingredients. It’s the time of week when foodies get together, where friends meet. There’s music and coffee, things to eat from pizza to popcorn to sausages, crepes, even gourmet popsicles.

In the middle of all that fun this morning came a huge cacophony of blaring horns and revving motorcycles. There were at least two “Finnegan” vans, one at the front and one bringing up the rear. In between was a gang of noisy bikers. The bikers made quite a racket and all conversation stopped. Except maybe “What the hell is that noise??” The loud convoy drove right through the parking area where the market is held on the grounds of Kapiolani Community College.

A few minutes later the candidate herself descended into the marketplace.

I wonder if Finnegan realizes how residents of Diamond Head and Waikiki resent the disruption these motorcyclists cause? I attended a meeting of an anti-noise committee in Kapiolani Park one evening when I learned that they were taking up exactly that issue. The proposal on the (picnic) table was to get the police to set up a trap at the exit of Ala Moana Park one weekend and just grab all of the motorcyclists who had cut out their mufflers as they rode out. Fat chance, suggested I, the police won’t do that. Just try and get police to act on a noise complaint against bikers in this town.

Having arrived at the market, it’s all smiles and glad-to-meet-yous. I don’t know if anyone mentioned the noise factor to her. But she sure got attention coming into the market area, and from my observation, it wasn’t very welcome.

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The motorcyclists are obnoxious! Ban their noise along with fireworks, weed wackers, leaf blowers would reduce people's stress a great deal!

Can you spell "Out of Touch".

One of us is a mind reader, OldDiver. Those were exactly the words that I thought of also.

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