Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Roadrunner down statewide

by Larry Geller

Update: Ok, maybe I blogged too harshly. This re-tweet came in at about 8:22 this morning:

Our apologies to our loyal customers. Undersea cable has been severed. Srvc for RR and phone restored and we have partial srvc on video.

Of course, the days when a communications carrier would build redundancy into the system may be over. When I worked for GE Information Services, all data lines were redundant, and the really critical ones were fed three different ways. Our customers’ businesses would be impacted if we were down. Isn’t the modern Internet the same, or even more critical? Just a thought.

If you are reading this at around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, you’re not a Roadrunner user.

Internet has been down statewide since around 01:44 a.m. Of course, those with Internet phones are also out of luck.

Neighbor Island tv is also out.

No estimated uptime.

What to do? Nothing. It’s frustrating.  If you leave work for a couple of hours, the boss will dock your pay. When Roadrunner is down, Oceanic still bills you.

Suppose everyone called 643-2100 and asked for a credit? IMHO it should be issued automatically, but that will probably take some kind of law.

Supposed everyone did it? Just suppose. It’s not going to happen, of course, but I’m going to call.

P.S. I’m posting this through a Bluetooth connection to my cellphone. It’s a good emergency system to set up if you don’t have a Blackberry or something like that.


It's down again! The connection has been really bad since the time you posted your comment. Then it went totally out now. It's 2pm'ish on 8/12. It's been over a month like this and as you said, they will bill us anyway. I am seriously thinking about going back to Hawaiiantel.

So what's the cause this time? The Perceid meteor hit their facility? Oh, com'on! They must be hiding something.

Yes, I have a redundant connection, of course. And yes, I have tethering through T-mo network. but does it make Oceanic off the hook? Hell NO!
I usually never post anything. But I am doing it now. That's how much I am MAD!!!!!

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