Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Comments rejected

For some reason a fair number of anonymous comments came in over the past couple of days that I chose to reject. Maybe I should post a comment policy, but until then:

* simplistic comments designed just to post a link to your own website will probably be rejected (comment spam)

* comments slurring someone (or their relatives), or containing ad hominem attacks will be rejected

Why spoil an otherwise great comment by saying something nasty or libelous about someone not even related to the issue?

So if your comment didn’t appear, that might be why. And please don’t flood me with claims that I’m censoring free speech or anything like that.

Also, I don’t necessarily see a comment the moment it’s posted, so please allow some time before the nasty followup flames accusing me of all sorts of things. When I get back to the computer I’ll go through the comments as expeditiously as I can. If you have already viciously attacked me for not posting your comment, chances are it will never get posted. So there.


Thank you, Larry. I am guilty as charged.
Sometimes it is easy to post in a moment of anger something that should be sat-on awhile before sending.
And youʻre right. And it is your blog.
See, thereʻs still some things a computer cannot do. Weed through comments for appropriateness.

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Requiring those Captcha codes at least temporarily, in the hopes that it quells the flood of comment spam I've been receiving.

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