Sunday, July 11, 2010


Citizens of Majdal Shams in Israeli-occupied Golan Heights strike back

This is breaking news. See: Angry mob attacks police in Druze town

The incident began when several officers, including some from the National Unit for International Crime, arrived at the village in order to conduct searches and arrests in one of the houses. The house's residents resisted and shortly thereafter several hundreds of people gathered outside the house. The mob quickly grew to some 1,500 people.

The family whose home was raided by the officers said they had entered the house at around 3 pm and began to search the rooms, without explaining why they had come in.

Family members were also angered by the fact that they entered when no men were at home, something the Druze consider lacking of respect.

Not really related, but speaking of Syria: US-Iran dynamic: Why US effort to leverage Syria is flagging (Christian Science Monitor, 7/2/2010). Tags: , , ,


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