Sunday, July 04, 2010


And you thought we have problems? Check out “How to kill an economy”

by Larry Geller

Worth reading: How to kill an economy, (Middle East Blog (Al Jazeera), 7/3/2010).

A snip:

First close down the borders and refuse to allow any exports out.

Then ban the importing of any raw material for factories and businesses.

Force the commercial class to rely on expensive underground smuggling tunnels to procure what the community needs. This in turn enriches the tunnel owners.

Prevent businesspeople from travelling abroad.

And then, if the economy still has a breath of life left in it, go to war. Bomb the region and destroy its factories.

Finally refuse to allow any building material in so that those businesses cannot be rebuilt.


The result is the economy goes backwards in a process called de-development.

Businesses close, jobs are lost and families become dependent on food aid.

This is what has happened in Gaza.


Thanks, Larry, for keeping the Truth of Palestine/Gaza alive.

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