Monday, June 21, 2010


What’s one American life in comparison to all those campaign contributions?

by Larry Geller

I heard on Democracy Now this morning that Obama has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington early next month. A kind of beer summit, I guess. He clearly isn’t concerned with hobnobbing with the man who probably ordered the Israeli commando attack on the Turkish ship that resulted in the murder of an American citizen in the dark of night.

Obama doesn’t seem very upset at the murder. But then, he has asserted the right to order the murder of American citizens himself. Plus, it’s an election year, and making Israel and its American lobbyists unhappy could cost Democrats.

So forget any outrage or demand for justice. What’s one American life in comparison with all the AIPAC campaign contributions that would be put at risk?

Why should Obama object to those who committed the crime now investigating themselves? He wouldn’t want to be held accountable himself, should he commence murdering American citizens as he said he can do.

AIPAC has circulated letters that the majority of Senators and Representatives have signed on to. An opposing lobby, J Street, had circulated its own letters urged Congresspeople not to sign the letters.

Both sides are promoting the letters “like billions are at stake,” said a congressional source. Both sides are applying all the pressure they can muster – and a lot of lawmakers aren't happy with the election-year squeeze on an issue that has little to do with the core concerns of the vast majority of voters, but which is a vital concern to a lot of big-time campaign givers.

It' s hard to say who's in the lead right now. The AIPAC-endorsed letters have gathered at least 79 Senate and 279 House signatures (also promoting the letters is Jewish Federations of North America.) That's not insignificant, but it's not exactly a slam dunk for the pro-Israel establishment.. [The Jewish Week, In Congress, J Street, AIPAC fight over Gaza flotilla letters, 6/21/2010]

While Obama parties Netanyahu, he will probably be aware that progress in lifting the cruel siege of Gaza will be credited to activists who braved Israeli guns to bring in humanitarian aid and break the blockade, and also to those around the world who are picketing Israeli ships or who are engaged in boycott movements. Obama, in particular, has had nothing to do with the actions that have the potential to alter the course of oppression of the Palestinian people. In fact, he’s working against peace at this point.

Imagine, Obama as the anti-Hope and anti-Change president. Who would have thought that.

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