Friday, June 11, 2010


Website reports on alleged Medicaid-related fatalities

by Larry Geller

The Disabilities Mom website continues reporting on investigations into Hawaii’s Medicaid system. A short article posted Monday, Hawaii's Medicaid Death List Weighted Towards Native Hawaiians, begins: 

Sources tell me that the infamous "death list" of Medicaid-care related fatalities is "more than fifty percent Native Hawaiian."

The concern remains whether the Department of Human Services switch to a managed care system run by two Mainland insurers has resulted in a diminished level of care and perhaps avoidable deaths. So far, Disability Mom appears to be the only website tracking this issue.

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I tried to post on Disability Mom website.
Anyway, Iʻll just ask her here to keep you posted with updates because this is ominous stuff and needs to be watched as there will always be new and dirtier tricks coming from the health-kill providers.

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