Friday, June 18, 2010


Visualizing disaster—some cool animations

by Larry Geller

Oil spill We’ve shown you what Hawaii looks like compared to the aerial view of the BP oil spill (to the right is the oil spill superimposed with a map of the Big Island) (see:How big is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?). But this is way more cool.

The first two animations below are done in tropical settings – could be Hawaii (maybe it is). The third is a physics demo using 25,000 barrels (the minimum current estimate of the leak per day, it may be up to 40,000 or more per day).

For each of these, they are great in full-screen mode. Just click the little box in the lower right, and the ESC key will bring you back to normal reality.

On the second one, don’t click the red box, it will take you to a different video. In a few seconds it disappears. The second one is my favorite.

Enjoy (?!)

(These three videos and discussion is on this Gizmodo web page)


If you had clicked on that little red box, it would have taken you to another animation. It isn’t related to the oil spill, but I’ll include it here as a “bonus”. Again, those of us in Hawaii will feel perfectly at home. Amazing what can be done with a computer, isn’t it? Check this one out.

Isn’t this last video a great way to illustrate a point? I really wish I knew how to do stuff like that. Just because it’s cool, but also because people hate reading columns of numbers or listening to Congressional testimony.


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