Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Tweets document prisoners being sent from prison in Israel

The latest of these tweets is just three minutes ago… remember, oldest is at the bottom, so  try reading from the bottom up.


  • 70 people left inside prison. They are due out any moment. I can see them now! 3 minutes ago via txt
  • 2 more buses of flotilla activists just left beersheva prison minutes ago.not sure how many people left inside.all will be deported 6 minutes ago via txt
  • Just saw two big buses on highway from beersheva to tel aviv that looked like they were carrying activists. about 1 hour ago via txt
  • Heading south to beersheva prison to report on fate of #flotilla detainees being expelled today. about 2 hours ago via txt
  • Acc to Israeli Info Directorate all foreigners from #gaza #flotilla will be deported within approx the next 48 hours starting tues night. about 10 hours ago via web
  • Israeli army sources now saying flotilla goods are unusable/expired/worthless...the spin goes on.. about 16 hours ago via web


Subterfuge, human shields, and armed peace activists? What's next? Maybe next time around the "peace activists" will kill one of their own western stooges and blame THAT on the Israelis too?

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