Sunday, June 13, 2010


Mufi fundraiser should be questioned more in mainstream media

by Larry Geller

For discussion of Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s questionable fundraiser in Pittsburgh, you need to go to the blogs. KHON covered it, but Ian Lind is talking about it. See More thoughts about Mufi’s Pittsburgh fundraiser (6/13/2010) and the earlier article, Carroll Cox gets Mufi fundraiser story (6/11/2010).

Mufi said he won’t use any of the money collected in Pittsburgh. The best response to that I’ve seen is Andy Parx’ comment on Ian’s 6/13 article:

…giving back the money doesn’t mean anything if indeed the activities are illegal- anymore than if a bank robber gave the money back when he got caught.

Although KHON covered the story, they reportedly then pulled it from their website and later reinstated it after complaints:

NOTE:  KHON pulled the story after their manager received a call from Hannemann.  KHON claimed the story was not on their website due to technical difficulties.   Later it was reposted after the public called in to complain. Please watch and make comments.   Here is the link to the KHON website story.   [, WHERE'S MUFI? Questions raised by Mufi's campaign fundraising in Pittsburgh, 6/9/2010]

There’s enough smoke here that perhaps the Star-Advertiser might look into the controversy. If a bank were robbed, they would pay some attention, especially if the robber did something weird like give the money back, right? Tags: , , ,


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