Monday, June 07, 2010


Israel and the US isolated together on Gaza oppression

by Larry Geller

"Israel is facing a difficult time right now, perhaps the most difficult in our history," Livni said. "This is not just a temporary event that will pass. This is a continuous process under which Israel is becoming isolated from the world."    [Haaretz, Kadima leader Livni: Israel can save itself from global isolation, 6/7/2010]

The above is just a short snip of the remarks of Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni made today as she introduced a motion of no-confidence in the Netanyahu government. Although demonstrations are taking place around the world, Netanyahu has, of course, the only ally he really needs.


(cartoon by Carlos Latuff) (free to use)

Israel has even lost cooperation from its partner in the blockade, Egypt. This just in:

Egyptian authorities said Monday that the Rafah border crossing to the Gaza Strip would remain open indefinitely, amid a storm of international criticism of Israel's blockade of the enclave.

Egypt, the only country apart from Israel to border Gaza, opened its Rafah crossing last week to allow aid convoys into the coastal strip.

"Israel must review its policies amid pressure from the international community regarding its blockade on Gaza. There will be a partial lifting of the blockade," the source said.

"The Palestinian people will no longer complain of shortages of humanitarian aid or shortages of water, oil, medicine, electricity or fuel," the source said, adding this would still not solve problems such as a lack of infrastructure in Gaza.     [Haaretz, Egypt authorities: Gaza border to stay open indefinitely, 6/7/2010]

(Please read the entire article, there is lots more than I have snipped here).

Indeed, Israel has not been in the spotlight as it is now. With more flotillas planned, the heat may not be off for some time.



Livni was Israeli Foreign Minister when the decision was made to attack basically unarmed Gaza, a 20 day siege that resulted in 1400 Palestinina deaths, a third children. Israel has denied aid to Gaza and terrorized the Gazans for several years now. The probem is Israel and the US policy of support, neither which benefits human rights and peace. Biden should be dismissed as VP for his recent remarks to Charlie Rose. Obama has failed the Nobel Peace Prize!

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