Sunday, June 06, 2010


Flotilla passenger says he will sue Israel, describes attack and treatment in custody

by Larry Geller

A recently-freed activist from Israeli custody insists on taking legal action against the Tel Aviv regime for the ordeal he has gone through on board the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla.

Nour Choudhury, one of the international activists detained by Israeli forces during an armed assault on an aid convoy destined for the besieged Gaza strip, said in an exclusive interview with Press TV that Israeli commandos assaulted the convoy during morning prayers and kept on shooting even after everyone stopped resisting.   [PressTV, Freed activist to sue Israel, 6/6/2010]

Read the full article for Choudhury’s description of the attack and how they were treated under arrest.

Choudhury insisted that the Israelis attacked a civilian vessel but treated the occupants as combatants. "It was a terrifying ordeal," he said.

“Israelis came on-board to hurt and kill. I believe what Israel wanted to do was to make a show of us. They wanted to make an example for the world showing this is what will happen to anybody who wants to defy Israel. They didn't realize how badly they messed up. They had assumed that the world is blind to the brutality of Israeli forces.”


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